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Lufkin soccer league hosts tournament for woman diagnosed with cancer


Soccer player Heather Lopez spends her weekends on the field playing at Morris Frank Park.

Saturday Lopez and other players took part in a tournament to help a friend in need.

"We're a soccer loving community, we come out to any tournament any game any pick-up we can find," said Heather Lopez, Event Organizer.

Lopez says her cousin, Staci Mackenna was diagnosed with uterine cancer in may, but she doesn't have insurance so  Lopez organized the event to help  her with medical expenses.

"It's pretty hard," said Staci Mckenna, diagnosed with cancer.

"She's been meeting up with doctors to schedule a surgery and everything so its all coming together," said Lopez.

The United Soccer of Texas league hosts games every Sunday, five teams came out today to support the cause.

Vice President of the league Reynaldo Rios says each player is connected by the love of the sport and despite the competition on the field they're all family.

 "Soccer brings all cultures together for this great cause, my mother-in law has breast cancer so I jumped on it whenever I heard," said Rios.

Officials say that's what true sportsmanship is all about.

"We're all in this together and if everybody does their own little bit, it all adds up to a big accomplishment," said Pedro Diaz, President, United Soccer of Texas.

After organizing the event, Lopez says she's fortunate for a community she can depend on.

"Its makes me believe in soccer so much and the community and the league we play in," said Lopez.

"I appreciate it," said McKenna.

 And knowing they've leant a helping hand is the only goal that counts.

For more information on the league visit their facebook page at this link.

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