East Texans share concerns about possible ending to door-to-door mail delivery

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Many East Texans benefit from door-to-door mail delivery but that may soon change. House Republicans are proposing to fix the U.S. Postal Service by saving billions each year, which will affect many eldery and disabled.

"How are going to get their mail?" said Hudson resident Robyn Hight.

It's an answer many East Texans want to know if door- to-door mail delivery ends.

"Well, it would be an awful inconvenience," said Lufkin resident Lois Cummings.

The 89-year-old has enjoyed her door-to-door mail delivery service for more than 20 years.

Under the House of Republicans plan to fix the U.S. Postal Service residents would have to pick up their mail from a curbside or cluster box.

"Well, speaking partially as a senior citizen I would hate it if I had to go out to the street to get my mail," Hight said.

Many apartment complexes and communities have already adopted this form of delivery.

Lufkin resident, 83-year-old, Archie Buddin uses a cluster box that he walks to each day to receive his mail.

"It's an exercise; it's good. Any kind of walking is good for you," Buddin said.

Cummings is opposed to walking far to get her mail each day.

"It's hard for me to walk; I walk with a cane," Cummings said. "When I get off the bus, I can look in the mail box before I come in."

In February, the U.S. Postal Service proposed the idea to end Saturday mail delivery but it was never approved.

"I think that would be even better than doing the curbside mailboxes," Hight said.

According to CNN, ending the door to door mail delivery would save the U.S. Postal Service about $4.5 billion a year but East Texans are still unsure how this is a benefit."

"I don't see the cost being a factor because the post office is doing pretty good by itself," Cummings said.

"I can't think of anyone that would benefit except the post office," Hight said.

Union workers said it's a bad idea and it will disrupt the elderly and disabled.

A postal service spokesperson told KTRE they are waiting for any legislation to be considered in house and are prepared to accept any decisions.

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