No more chances

Mark Clark found himself free with another chance at getting his life back together after a jury determined he was not responsible in the death of his son in 2010. But today he was before a judge to find out his future after pleading guilty to prescription fraud around the same time period. He was not happy with the outcome, as the judge sentenced him to spend the next 119 months in prison. Michelle Reed has the report at 6.

Model planes will take flight this weekend in Nacogdoches. The second annual Fun Fly is around the corner and, at 6, Francesca Washington explains the passion for aviation and why the club hopes they can share it with the community.

An East Texas woman and her family were hoping to have a relaxing weekend vacation. But they say it could have ended in disaster when a three-year-old girl found a pill on the floor of their hotel room. At 5, Caleb Beames meets the family and talks to the girl about what she has learned to do if she ever finds a stray pill again.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor