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Residents: Henderson Co. fire was started by 12-year old


Three firefighters suffered heat-related injuries during a four alarm fire that broke out Wednesday afternoon in Henderson County.

Residents said the fire was started by a 12-year-old girl who lived at the home, in a mobile home park on Highway 31 in Crescent Heights, although the Henderson County Fire Marshal has not confirmed that informationyett.

Earl Albritton and his brother Jack were in their home when the fire broke out just two doors down.

“The kids came down and told us Misty's trailer was on fire,” Jack Albritton said. “So we came down to see what we could do. That's when Earl started hosing it down with the garden hose and I started knocking on the neighbors trailer, trying to get them awake and away.”

Neighbors said it was a team effort. Earl’s wife helped get the woman who was in the burning home out safely, along with three older children and a baby. Meanwhile, Earl tried to keep the flames under control until the fire department arrived.

“Everybody was trying to call me off and I said, hey this is somebody’s house and there’s a house on either side,” Earl Albritton said. “I said we may not be able to save this one, but we can keep it from getting to everybody else’s.”

Earl said he did not have to think twice about running towards the fire.

“We're all one big family here,” he said. “You have to take care of each other.”

By the time the fire departments were on the scene, the blaze had already grown to a four-alarm fire, burning through both sides of the trailer. Fire officials said if it were not for the neighbors help, it probably would have been even bigger.

“It was an extremely severe fire,” said North 19 Fire Rescue Chief Bob Morris. “We're talking 25 foot flames, it was a really hot fire. As hot and as large as the fire was, he kept the fire from expanding into the surrounding structures.”

For Earl and his brother Jack, it was simply neighbors looking out for each other.

“We're all one big family here and we take care of each other the best we can, and whatever it takes is what it takes,” Earl said.

Three firefighters had heat-related complaints. Two were treated on the scene, and one was taken to ETMC Athens due to heat exhaustion - he has since been released.

Henderson County Fire Marshals were also on the scene, looking into why the fire was started. At this hour, there is no word whether or not anybody will be charged for starting the blaze.

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