Dez is now a leader & role model for Cowboys

OXNARD, CA (KTRE) - "It doesn't feel like, hey I'm structured, I got to do this. I'm doing it out of my own heart. This is the type of guy I am."

That was one of Dez Bryant's quotes last night when he addressed the media after training camp practice in Oxnard, California. Dez has become a leader for the Cowboys, and is now a role model for the younger players.

Through the first four days of practice, Bryant has been the star of camp. But the Cowboys already knew what Dez could do on the field, what has Jerry Jones really excited is number 88's growth off the field.

Jones said, "You have to recognize how much he is focusing in on and continuing to do the right things not only on the field, but off the field. And I can tell you he is."

Entering is 4th season, Dez is at peace with his personal and professional life.

Bryant said, "I feel like all that stuff is over, you know that incident with my mom. I feel like everything is on the right path. You know I feel like I'm so comfortable in my life and that's what it is about.

Head coach Jason Garrett added, "You know he is a guy that has grown so much like a lot of young guys do coming into this league. There is a lot for them to kind of understand how they can be their best as people and certainly as players as well."

Dez credits the Cowboys in helping him become a professional and a leader.

Bryant said, "It means a lot. You know like I said, once again, I give a lot of credit to them. They stuck their neck out for me and stayed with me during the times I didn't understand certain things. They did their best to understand things and those things that I do understand now it makes me that much of a better person."

Jones added, "A lot of other people are routing for Dez and its pretty much a consensus that he is really making great strides."

Dez is also making great strides off the field. Jason Garrett says Dez has just scratched the surface.