In the meme-time

We admit, before today a lot of us didn't even know what a meme is. But we learned about those photos you see all over Facebook with the caption. We also learned that a Nacogdoches man, over a four-year period, has found himself the centerpiece of a meme that has gone viral. At 5, Francesca Washington explains how this man became an Internet sensation.

Michelle Reed has been working on reports on school supplies all week. The Diboll superintendent called her yesterday and said he agrees parents are being asked to do too much and now he wants to do something about it. Michelle brings you that story at 6.

A special tribute was paid this morning for a man instrumental in completing Lake Naconiche in Nacogdoches County. Former project manager George Perry Campbell dealt with many obstacles to make it happen. Now in retirement, Campbell is fighting his own personal challenge of brain cancer.
At 6, Donna McCollum tells us Campbell's friends today lifted his spirits.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor