Nacogdoches man explains how his photo went viral

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - While trolling your favorite web sites you'rebound to come across a meme, an image that is passed electronically from oneinternet user to another.

Nacogdoches resident Tyler Peppard knows allabout it.

"It just started growing and growing andI stated getting friend requests from random people I don't even know" said TylerPeppard, American Flag Shot Gun Guy.

By day Peppard is a 25-year-old car salesman,online he's known as the "American Flag Shot Gun Guy.

"Therewas a battle scene in my head going on, something from like the Patriot, maybeBraveheart, there was a little Braveheart behind it," said Peppard.

The picture was taken in 2009 and since thenit's had about 200 million views.

"It's hit the chive, MSN,instagram all the big picture sites," said Peppard.

Since the picture has grown in popularity, Peppardsays several conservative political groups have reached out to him, but he saysthere are no politics behind the picture.

"It was a beautiful almost gnarly wasscene in the making, there was smoke, there were clouds, it was gloomy,"said Peppard.

Peppard says he was shocked the firsttime he saw his picture on national headlines but says it was a proud moment tosee his face on the fore front of 4th of July articles.

"It's always used to set the tone of thearticle, the argument, whatever is going on. I don't know if it will ever dieoff, it always comes back when events happen," said Peppard.

And if a picture is worth 1000 words, Peppardsays he hopes this one honors those who serve.

"The fact that I can inspire people andhopefully reach the heroes that are actually out there doing the work andserving our country that means something to me," said Peppard.

On August 16, Peppard will be visiting with students at SFA,making an appearance in the Twilight Ballroom.

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