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Frederick shining as center of attention


Barring injury, the Cowboys first round pick will likely touch the ball on every single play this season.  If you hear Travis Frederick's name called, that likely means something went wrong.  That's the life of an N.F.L. center.

The National Honor Society member graduated high school early, before earning his engineering mechanics degree at Wisconsin.

Now he must help engineer a turn around on the cowboys offensive line.  That hasn't been easy with so many injuries early in camp.

"I think injuries or not, you want to be able to come in here and show coaches that you're ready to play,"said Frederick.  "I think I did a pretty good job through OTA's and mini camp getting myself ready hopefully I can continue to improve through this camp."

As a rookie, Frederick has a lot on his plate. Already the center of attention, the Cowboys are also asking Frederick to try other positions on the offensive line.

"I do what they tell me to do," said Frederick.  "Whether they tell me to play center or guard I'm going to do my best to not only make myself better but make the team better as a whole."

Frederick's biggest challenge in camp is perfecting the shotgun snap. The Wisconsin All American rarely had to do it in college. He must be on page with Tony Romo, or bad things could happen come game time.

"It takes a little bit of time," said Romo.  "The shotgun snap, some guys have it naturally, some don't. Travis actually does some things very natural. He's got a lot of heat on it. He can almost throw it down, whereas a lot of those people you want it to get back there a little quicker. I tell him we've just got to get it to where it's comfortable so it doesn't come back too much, but that's a better problem than the other way. I think he'll be fine."

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