Nacogdoches remote control pilots show off their skills

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - People from all over East Texas were on handat an air show Saturday in Nacogdoches, but this wasn't just any air show. It wasall remote controlled model planes.

Looking at a plane doing four barrel rolls in arow might make a person dizzy, but to the remotecontrol pilots, it's one of the best things to do.

"I like to do flips and Ilike to stall and come back down," said pilot Mason Howell.

The planes at The NacogdochesAero Modelers Club come in all shapes and sizes.

Some planes resemble old warplanes, while others look like futuristic helicopters.

There is something for everyone.

"We're all interested in aviation,"said President Jackie Ivey. "Even though we are flying the smaller planes; theseplanes still have the same type of aerodynamics as the big planes do."

Don't be fooled by their size,they can go fast and landing is always tricky.

"With radio controls, youcan find other ways to destroy them that real planes don't have," said pilotMike Armand.

At 10 years old, Howell is one ofthe youngest members in the club.

"I like other people watchingme and I like showing off," said Howell.

Through the free kids'membership, Sarah Wood hopes to join the ranks of an experienced model planepilots.

"I was scared because I didn'tknow how to do the flips," said Wood. " All I did was go straight and turn andthen come back."

One day, she hopes to be able tomaster the flips.

The group is always excepting new members.

You can learn more at their website.

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