Lufkin man displays his views on a sign: "Put Prayer Back In The Schools Not Guns"

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An East Texas auto sales business is gaining a lot of attention but it's not because of the cars in the parking lot instead it's a sign with a bold statement printed on it.

Drivers honk as they pass by 'KC's Auto Sales' on Timberland Drive just before you get to Highway 59 in Lufkin. 

And it's unclear if the honks are for or against, the yellow and red sign that says "Put Prayer Back In The Schools Not Guns."

"We need prayer back in the schools, not guns," said Kenneth "KC" Campbell, owner of KC's Auto Sales.

About 4 months ago, KC erected the sign to send a message.

"A few months ago I saw the thing about guns and I knew about the killings and all that had gone on in the schools," said Campbell. "I just felt like somebody needed to hear the message."

Campbell posted the sign at his business on Timberland Drive because he says he wants people to get back to the basics. He says he spent a lot of time deciding what colors he wanted to make the sign because he wants them to be just as bold as the statement.

"Well we have to be bold," said Campbell. "This is my statement and I stand by it. I have to take a stand for the gospel."

As many East Texas schools have adopted guns on campus policies, Campbell says he thinks the nation is moving in the wrong direction.

"I just believe that there's power in prayer and as a nation we've moved so far away from the Lord, Jesus Christ," said Campbell. "Because if there is prayer and the presence of God there then we don't have to worry about killings. We'll try all the things that we think, now it's guns. What's next?"

But just because Campbell thinks guns don't belong in schools doesn't mean he's against guns in general.

"No. No. I have guns. I have a couple guns. I do own a couple guns but I just don't believe that - that's the answer," said Campbell.

Campbell says his sign will remain posted on his property indefinitely.

And even when the sun, wind and rain destroy it, he will make a new one.

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