One simple gesture of love saves two pregnant abandoned horses in Apple Springs

APPLE SPRINGS, TX (KTRE) - Two female horses that were found abandoned in an Apple Springs pasture are getting a happy ending.

The horses, who are both pregnant, were found in deplorable conditions with matted manes, and one of them even has a grotesque wound on her neck from barbed wire. But because of one simple gesture of love, the two beauties will be getting a new home on Wednesday.

Sarah Mosely, whose husband discovered the horses last Monday, says she couldn't say no to the horses.

"Once I got down here and seen the condition the horses were in, I just couldn't believe that they were down here and I could tell that they been down here for awhile," Mosely said.

Since then, Mosely has been spending her evenings with the horses feeding them and trying to get them used to a human connection.

She even rounded up a team of volunteers to help make sure the horses, who were abandoned in a pasture around Memorial Day, were getting the treatment they deserved.

"It's not the horses fault to be out here. They didn't do anything wrong," Mosely said.

Mosely says she originally reached out to the Trinity County Sheriff's Office for help, but since the horses were on federal property she was told to contact the U.S. Forest Service. She was told she has to keep the horses in her custody for 90 days, which will give her enough time to seek medical help for the horses.

"I have a friend of mine who's actually very passionate about horses and is in a profession of mine who's actually going to come down here and help me get these horses out," Mosely said.

The horses will stay with her friend for that 90-day period with Mosely's supervision so they can have their babies and recover properly. They will then go to a family outside of the town.

Mosely says she hopes the previous owners learn their lesson.

"They do need vet care, feed…they do need medicines and if you can't see that you are able to do that, then don't attempt because they deserve everything they can get," Mosely said.

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