Area Police Departments Comment On Assault Weapon Ban

After being in place for the past ten years, the federal assault weapons ban expired Monday night. That means some guns that have been illegal for manufacturers to produce and sell will once again be available.

As these assault weapons now become more readily available to the public, how will this effect the way police departments go about their day to day patrols?

"It shouldn't effect us in any way other than the knowledge that these type of weapons could be available out there. The actual fact that the good guys can now buy these type of weapons brings up the chance they could be stolen in burglaries, car burglaries things of that nature." says Lt. Greg Denman with the Lufkin Police Department.

Lt. Greg Sowell with the Nacogdoches police department says that not everyone who buys these guns is a criminal, but there is some concern.

"I don't see any immediate changes as far as the way we would do business because the assault weapons are still out there. They're the preferred weapons of the terrorist, they're the preferred weapon of the criminal element. It's been shown in a study done by the International Association of Chiefs of Police that in a year's period one in five officers killed were killed with an assault weapon."

As far as gun shops go, those we spoke with really don't see that there will be any major difference in business. But one thing that will change will be the value of some guns that were once banned, with many gun prices dropping.

Depending on who you listen to and believe, the upcoming weapons ban will either be good for our society, or it will bring out even more criminal elements.