An important message for DISH customers

We have something very important to talk to you about concerning your ability to watch KTRE newscasts along with all the other programming we bring you each day. If you are a DISH satellite customer, there is now a very real possibility KTRE will be pulled by DISH -- eliminated from DISH subscriber's lineups -- at the end of the day Wednesday night. That's midnight tomorrow.

Our parent company has bent over backwards, negotiating in earnest, trying to reach an agreement with DISH to carry our channels, and DISH has not been willing to continue negotiations.

But we know you. When we ask you to help your fellow East Texans, you always answer the call in a big way. Your ability to get our breaking news and our severe weather reports is something you depend on as a DISH customer and, quite frankly, something you are paying for.

If you are a DISH customer, we're going to ask you to call 1-888-631-1536 and let them know you want our stations to remain in their lineup.

And if we disappear late tomorrow night, know that you do have options. Suddenlink, Consolidated and other carriers will still carry our stations.

We are available free over the airwaves and we stream every newscast live on our website and through our mobile apps.

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