Nacogdoches author turning pages with newest young adult novel

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A Nacogdoches parole officer is turning heads and pages with her newest young adult novel "Perfection," and fans say Judy Spelbring's version of a dystopian world is perfect.

It's a desolate world based off what society would be like if Hilter won World War II.

"But after he won the world he started to mess with genetics and have the doctors come in and mess with genetics. Everybody is blonde haired and blue eyed, what he considered as the master race. There is one doctor who genetically enhances his children and they also get powers like powers to read minds. They're like the perfect soldier. They're faster, more intelligent and he is breeding them to get rid of what he now considers an inferior race because his race, what he created, supersedes them," Spelbring said.

It's a new version of dystopia that Spelbring created inside her mind.

"I wanted to write a book about a girl who could read minds so my daughter and I, we just sat there and played idea pong and it kind of developed from there," Spelbring said.

That's how the idea of Elyssa, a telepathic who escapes the clutches of the Center where the Aryan race is being created, came about.

"The regular society has emotions, but Elyssa and her siblings were brought up to have no emotions because they were smarter, more intelligent. So it was her change when she left, developing these things, these emotions she already had inside her that she always suppressed or never experienced and never felt them. That was really hard to write actually, to bring about a character to get everyone to care about and want to continue reading," Spelbring said.

Published by Spencer Hill Press, "Perfection" is the first book for J. L. Spelling but writing novels isn't a new thing for the author who wrote two unpublished books prior to this novel's release.

"It taught me a lot and it got me involved in writing communities and blogs and so I started to take a bunch of people's books from young adult to adult," Spelbring said.

Spelbring says it took six to seven months to write the book, four to five months to find an agent, and two to three months to sell the book to Spencer Hill Press.

"That is probably the most competitive, hardest thing I've ever done. There's so many people who write books and they write query letters, which is basically what you find on the back jacket of the book and not only do you have to catch their interest real quick, it's got to be somewhat original and different," Spelbring said.

Spelbring says she doesn't know how many copies of the book she has sold on Amazon, Nook and Kindle, but she hopes fans are enjoying the book.

On Goodreads there are nearly 3,000 comments about the book reading "perfection is a chilling picture of what life could be if selective genetics goes completely wrong," and "J. L. Spelling is able to create an entire universe that is both chilling and heartbreaking."

The book will also be available at all Barnes and Noble bookstores next month, and Spelbring says she can't believe it.

"Perfection is about becoming more than who you are, and that's as simple as I can put it. To be able to grow and accomplish things you didn't know you could accomplish," Spelbring said.

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