Angelina and Polk Co. health professionals looking for better ways to serve community

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Healthcare has been one ofthe major issues over the past several years across the nation and manyhealthcare professionals are starting to look for better ways to help thepublic.

One national company is inLufkin this week to help out with that.

Healthcare professionalsfrom Angelina and Polk County are learning a new way to reach out into thecommunity and make a healthier Texas with new healthcare data from Common HealthAction.

The seminar is part ofthe CTG funded Transforming Texas health grant currently being implemented bythe Angelina County and Cities health district.

The focus of the grant is on chronic disease prevention withan important mandate to address health equity and work to eliminate healthdisparities in our community.

"Whether you're here in Lufkin oranywhere in the country, you need to know how you actually apply this to thework," said Mark Cervero with Common Health Action. "That's really what we aredoing over the next two days is talking about the issues, but really how do youmake a difference."

From videos, to worksheetsto hands on activities with discussion, there is something for everyone inattendance.

"Some of us learn bydoing stuff, some of us learn by writing stuff down," said Cervero. "By havingdifferent ways through the videos and presentations and activity like thisreally helps different people learn."

Early on in the two dayseminar, attendees are already learning.

"It's helping us bemore aware of health disparities and also provide better help to people fromall different races and venues within our county," said Ann Watson, aregistered nurse with the health district.

"It's really been aneye opener as far as the information that is being brought out and I'm gettingexcited," said Martha Hernandez, an endowment board member with the healthdistrict.

When the seminar is over,professionals that attend hope to be able to use the information in thecommunity.

"I think we can all bring our ideas andconcepts together to provide better healthcare to the citizens of Angelina County,"said Watson.

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