Corrigan community stepping up to document and preserve their history

Future model
Future model

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - A non-profit group in Corrigan is restoring a piece of history in order to house historical and cultural memorabilia.

Construction on the Corrigan Heritage Center began last week.

This building sat vacant in the center of Corrigan for years, a piece of history slowly rotting away.

But thanks to the Corrigan Community Service League it now has an important future.

"It was a 1935 Bergman grocery store probably most people now-a-days know it as Saxon's grocery," said Corrigan Community Service League President, Kelly Smith-Shadix. "The Saxon's purchased it in 1955 and ran it 'till the early 80s"

The non-profit group bought the old grocery store from the city and made plans to restore and re-purpose the building into the Corrigan Heritage Center.

"We finally gathered enough community dollars to start with the restoration project however once we got into it the bones of the building were not quite as sturdy as they needed to be," said Shadix. "Literally, God was holding it up is all I can say because there were no supports left in the building."

Piece-by-piece the structure is slowly returning to its former glory.

"Our intent is to put everything back the way it was," said Shadix. "If the window was not centered, it won't be centered in the new building."

Eventually the heritage center will be home to Corrigan's history as documented by those who have lived there.

"What most people remember of Corrigan there's very little of that left and so we just saw the need to grab what we could and try to preserve what's left before it's too late,"said Shadix.

"We found that so many things were getting thrown away," said Shadix. "They seemed irrelevant to t he person that had them but if you look at them as far as how they fit into Corrigan's history they're just part of the puzzle."

And as a testament of how important history is to those that call Corrigan home, all the funds raised have been donated by the Corrigan community.

"Some are people who still reside in Corrigan and some are people that still call Corrigan home," said Shadix.

But the non-profit says they only have about 75 percent of the funds needed to complete the project.

"It's going to be up to some more contributors to get it finished for us to open those doors and let Corrigan shine," said Shadix.

All the memorabilia that will be displayed has been collected from Corrigan and the surrounding communities.

If you'd like to make a monetary donation toward the reconstruction project or a donation of culture or history please contact Kelly Shadix at: 936-398-4349 or

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