Lufkin Parks and Recreation launches first adult kickball league season

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday night teams like the "Untouchaballs" and the "One Kick Wonders" stepped on to the field at Kit McConnico Park bringing their a-game in Lufkin's adult kickball league.

"I asked them if we were going to have practice of anything and they said either you go it or you don't," said Sarah Southwood, Kickball Player.

Tuesday marks the second week of play for the league, eight teams participate in two games each Tuesday night.

Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Jason Arnold says interest in kickball grew after the Relay for Life tournaments

"We've had a few tournaments since then and honestly we haven't been able to do enough adult kickball to keep people happy so the end game was to get this league," said Arnold.

Clara Nicholson says she's never played before but her team the champions won both of their games last week.

"My friend just randomly signed me up gave me a t-shirt and said we're going to play kickball and since the first game we had a blast," said Nicholson.

Arnold says not everyone wants to play basketball or softball and believes kickball is game anyone can enjoy.

"That big round squishy ball is kind of an equalizer, you don't have to be an all-star soccer player to get out there and have fun you don't have to be the most athletic person to have  a good time at kickball," said Arnold.

Players say win or lose, on the field it's always a good time.

"You just try your best and it's worked out so far, we're pretty good," said Southwood.

After the four week season the league will go into playoffs to crown the first champion.

Lufkin Parks and Recreation officials say after this season ends another will begin in the fall.

For information on the league visit the Lufkin Park and Recreation facebook page:

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