Angelina Co. firefighters hosting bingo fundraiser

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Players listened intenselywith bingo cards and markers in hand, enjoying a few games of bingo for a goodcause.

"A lot of people liketo play bingo it's fun and in the long run it will actually benefit your countyfire departments," said Bobby Cranford, President, Angelina County FirefightersAssociation.

Wednesday the AngelinaCounty Firefighters Association hosted their second session of bingo at theLufkin DAV.

The funds raised frombingo will go towards benefiting local fire departments.

"The Angelina CountyFire Fighters Association bingo distributes the funds out as charitablecontributions to the volunteer fire departments," said Cranford.

President of theassociation Bobby Cranford says all the local volunteer fire departments aredependent on community fundraisers and they're hoping bingo sessions everySunday and Wednesday will go a long way in covering department expenses.

"There was a gap in the bingo playing inthe county so we were in the right place at the right time and we were able tofill in those spots," said Cranford.

"There's never enoughmoney so you have to learn to live within a budget," said Dennis Cochran,Chief Central VFD.

Central Volunteer FireDepartment Chief Dennis Cochran says there are no salaries for volunteers andthey serve the community on their own time.

Cochran says a few gamesof bingo are an easy way to say thank you.

"Win money foryourself, door prizes, at the same time you're benefitting the volunteer firedepartments who in turn help you in case of emergency or crisis," saidCochran.

The Angelina CountyFirefighters Association hosts bingo at the Lufkin DAV Sunday afternoons at2:30p.m. and Wednesday nights at 7:00p.m.

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