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"I Love Head" campaign signs being stolen


Candidates for elected office spend a lot of time knocking on doors, sending out mailers and putting up campaign signs, because they want you to remember their name come election day.

One of the seven candidates running for Phoenix City Council in District Four, has a unique name that, after seeing his campaign signs, you are unlikely to forget.

"A lot of people thought my last name was fake, and I have had to continuously explain that, yes, this is my given name," said candidate Austin Head. "It's my father's name. It's an English name. It means the man who resides on a hill."

Signs reading "I love Head" have been placed along a stretch of Central Avenue in downtown Phoenix.

"That's pretty strange," said one woman with a laugh.

"Oh, what's it referring to?" asked another.

Head decided the best way to get his name into a voter's head, was to create a memorable impression with his new campaign signs.

"We decided to go with the signs, because of how much the special interests have given to my opponents. And the only way we can combat it is to do something that's shocking," Head said.

"He just wants to get people's attention, so they can see his name," one man said.

When asked if it worked, Head replied, "It did."

"A lot of people (are calling) wanting me to print T-shirts, and stickers and yard signs," Head said. "I think the constituents are smart enough to understand it's a double entendre, and it means no harm to anyone."

Head said he modeled his new campaign slogan after one of the most popular marketing campaigns in history: the "I Love New York" slogan.

He said he has received no complaints about the signs, but he has had to make a few of his own, after seven of the 21 he put up were stolen. Head has filed police reports with the Chandler and Phoenix police departments.

Head credits the signs with generating a lot of interest in his under funded campaign.

"A lot of people, who aren't normally involved in politics, are involved now," Head said.

Voters will begin to receive mail-in ballots on Thursday. The election is Tuesday, Aug. 27.

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