Summer showers helping out the Piney Woods in more ways than one

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Now that we are over half way through 2013, our East Texas rainfall has been on par and close to normal after seven months into the calendar year.

For this past July, we had a surplus of 0.68" of rain, by accumulating 3.73" at the Angelina County Airport, located just south of Lufkin.

So far in 2013, the airport has received 24.73" of rain, which is about 2.50" below our normal value of 27.25".

The irony in our rainfall accumulations is that we have had a surplus of rain in the months of June and July, while the first five months of the year all came in with deficits.  Usually our rainfall tapers off quite a bit in the summer months, but this year has been different.

The combination of sea breeze showers, multiple summer cold fronts, and non-tropical lows moving in from the northern Gulf have all helped in contributing to a slightly wetter than normal summer to date.

As a result of the recent rains, our soil moisture levels have gone up considerably, which has helped keep our temperatures from skyrocketing into triple digits.

In fact, as of July 31st, we have only had one-triple digit day at the Angelina County Airport.  The high soil moisture content is a big factor as to why the temperatures have not peaked out over the century mark on more than one occasion.

We will be getting August off to an unseasonably hot start, however, due in large part to a large dome of high pressure anchored over the state.  With sinking air leading to hot and dry conditions over the next seven to ten days, we will more than likely see a few triple digit days return to Deep East Texas.

Keep in mind that our hottest time of the year usually takes place between August 2nd through August 15th.  It is during this two week stretch in which our daytime high averages 95°, the highest average throughout the course of the summer season.   It does appear Mother Nature will be on par with that average as our hottest stretch of weather this year will come in the weeks ahead.

It's a good thing we got the rain when we did, because the well will be running fairly dry for the foreseeable future.  Unfortunately for many of us, that means a higher water and electric bill will be in store for us by the end of August.

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