Apple Springs looking to carry playoff season into 2013

APPLE SPRINGS, TX (KTRE) - Whistles, cleats, and leather hitting the hands lets you know its football season. So does two-a-days. Today marked the beginning of fall camp for numerous area high schools across East Texas and that meant the KTRE "Two-A-Day Caravan" was in full force. Tonight it made its way to Apple Springs, where the Eagles waited until around 7 o'clock to take the field. The message on day one from Head Coach Cody Moree was loud and clear from the get go. Get in shape. Running drills full speed was the name of the game. The Eagles are coming off a 9 and 2 season and are looking to carry their playoff momentum into 2013. Running back Josh Suggs is the heart of Apple Springs, but every 6-man team knows it. Suggs will get his numbers, but the focus in fall camp is to find play-makers other than the all-state rb. A perfect place to start is with quarterback Dylan Coleman who throws a nice ball.

Coach Moree said, "He's going to have a break-out year. We just feel like he's poised to do some big things. We have several playmakers and don't feel like you can key on just one guy." Suggs added, "This year we aren't as big as we were last year, but I still expect us to play like Eagles and play hard."

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