Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 08/06/13

Barnhill's at 3217 North Street: 16 demerits for two dented cans, vents not kept clean in food prep area, upright freezer needed to be cleaned, items stored in hand wash sinks, paper towels needed for employee bathroom, all spray bottles not labeled, one thermometer needed to be re-calibrated, thermometers not provided for all freezers, floor pieces needed to be re-patched, missing or damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced, and back door needed weather-proofing.

Lucky Stop No. 1-Douglass Road at 1218 Douglass Road: 15 demerits for lids needed for employee drinks in food prep area, freezer and coolers needed to be kept clean and sanitary, 4-hour rule chart needed for all hot foods, use-by date needed for sliced meats, thermometers needed to be provided for cooks, and expired tag automobiles found on west side of building.

Taqueria El 21 at 1422 Douglass Road: 10 demerits for use-by date needed, weatherproof screens needed, and one knife needed to be replaced.

Appleby Sand Road Depot Convenience Store at 3023 Appleby Sand Road: 10 demerits for back flow preventer needed for outside water hose, paper towels needed for bathroom, and caps needed for all cleaning solutions.

Wendy's at 1602 North Street: 9 demerits for utensils not kept out of hand wash sink, cap needed for spray bottle.

El Roble Tortilleria at 1403 South Street: 8 demerits for self-serve bags of pinto beans needed to be properly, one can of dented refried beans, screen door needed to be weather-proofed, and tiles needed to be repaired in food prep area.

Kroger Deli and Bakery at 1215 North Street: 7 demerits for one expired milk and hand wash sink blocked.

Schlotsky's at 2608 North Street: 6 demerits for one thermometer needed to be re-calibrated, ice scoop not kept in clean container, kitchen floors not kept clean, and equipment and coolers not kept wept down.

J McKinney's-Hotel Fredonia at 200 North Fredonia: 4 demerits for one dented can, shield guards needed for all kitchen ceiling lights, and not-smooth floor pieces needed to be re-patched.

Nick's Food Mart at 4518 Appleby Sand Road: 3 demerits for ice scoop not kept in clean container and base of wall in bathroom needed to be repaired.

Skatarama at 1208 Douglass Road: 3 demerits for hand wash sink, thermometer not provided for ground beer prep cooler, wall in dining room needed to be repaired, dumpster lids not closed, back door not weatherproofed.

Texas Pro Bowl Grill at 3801 North Street, Suite 11: 3 demerits for towels not provided at hand sink and water-damaged ceiling tiles needed to be replaced.

T's Sandwiches at 1122 North University - University Mall: 0 demerits.

Heart of Texas at 110 South Pecan: 0 demerits.