Hudson residents picking up the pieces after rash of home burglaries

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - The Angelina County serial burglar might be behind bars, but a new burglary suspect is on the loose in Hudson. Last night, two families filed complaints that their doors were kicked in and their belongings gone and Hudson police say they are on the hunt for the possible suspects.

Sherry Griffin said it was hard for her to go to sleep last night after finding her back door busted in, and her computer, television, and gun gone.

"That's an awful feeling when you pull up and find your door open and you know somebody is still in your home or could still be in your home," Griffin said.

Hudson Police Chief Jimmy Casper says they have had only 11 burglaries in the past two months but residents are still worried.

"They're stealing computers, jewelry, guns, just anything that they have out. The last two that they had yesterday the guys went in, kicked the door in, went into the house and pretty much grabbed anything that was really out in the open," Casper said.

A homeowner even has a sign in the front yard that reads "try to break into this house again; your head will be blown off." The sign has received national attention since it was put up last year and the homeowner says she hasn't had any burglaries since she put it in the yard.

But that isn't the case for most homeowners in Hudson, and Mitch Ashley, a producer with Morgan Insurance, says home burglary insurance claims are increasing.

"We do see burglary claims every year and there has been in the Lufkin area more and more in the last two years that we've noticed," Ashley said.

But for Griffin, who didn't insure her belongings, there's nothing she can do but pray her things are returned.

"The biggest losses to me are my mother and grandmother's jewelry," Griffin said.

But one thing she'll miss the most is a ring she picked out with her dad for her mother.

"That was the year before my dad got killed in a car wreck," Griffin said.

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