Trinity PD arrests two burglary suspects

Elijah Brown (Source: Trinity Police Department)
Elijah Brown (Source: Trinity Police Department)
Corddiro Morning (Source: Trinity Police Department)
Corddiro Morning (Source: Trinity Police Department)

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Trinity Police officers arrested two burglary suspects after a resident found one of the men in home owner's car port. Both men have had frequent run-ins with Trinity Co. authorities in regard to thefts, burglaries, assault, and drug-related offenses.

Elijah Brown, 19, and Corddiro Morning, 18, are still being held in the Houston County Jail. Both men were charged with attempted burglary of a habitation, a third-degree felony. Addition charges may be pending in regard to other burglaries in the Trinity area.

According to Trinity Police Chief Steven Jones, his department worked two burglaries Saturday. Then, on Sunday, a resident came home and found one of the two men in his or her car port. When the resident asked the suspicious-looking man what he was doing, the man said he was looking for "Justin Hanson."

Jones said during a previous burglary attempt that prompted the TPD to issue an advisory on July 24, the suspect in that incident also asked if "Justin Hanson" was home.

"Asking if 'Justin Hanson was home was a way to find out if the residents were home or not, and/or if they were caught on a property, then that was the excuse used," Jones said in an e-mail message.

Jones said their investigation turned up enough information for them to get arrest warrants for Brown and Morning. He said Morning is already on felony probation related to previous burglaries. Brown was out on bond in connection to other felony burglary arrests.

According to the advisory the Trinity Police Department posted on its Facebook page, Jones and Sgt. Randy Wheeler went to the alley behind the Good Samaritan House on Elm Street. At 3:48 p.m. on July 24. Residents told them they saw two suspicious-looking men lingering in the alley behind their homes. The residents told the TPD officers that it was unusual for people to be in the alley without a reason.

When the two men realized they had been seen, they separated, the advisory stated. One man began walking north, and the other one started walking south. At that point, a resident confronted one of the men, who told him or her that they were doing something for the Good Samaritan House. At the time, the Good Samaritan House was closed. The resident realized he or she had been lied to when volunteers arrived at the facility.

Based on the residents' descriptions of the two men, Jones and Wheeler were able to identify the two suspects as Brown and Morning. The advisory said the TPD officers spotted the two men walking near the intersection of Caroline and Calvin streets and later at the intersection of Main and Walker streets earlier that day. The two TPD officers attempted to locate Brown and Morning but could not find them.

Later in the day on July 24, a resident whose property butts up against the alley the  suspicious-looking men were in earlier told police that someone had attempted to kick in his back door and burglarize his home.

The TPD advisory cautioned the town's residents to remember that most burglaries occur during the day and not at night.

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