Lufkin music man explains why hidden talent is one with the animals

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin local David Gordon has a very special talent.

"I do a little bit of electronic sounds like sonar submarine's, things like European police cars, Morse code, and the old timey radios we used to tune into," Gordon said.

But that's not all the 62-year-old can do. In fact, the so-called "bird man" can do 25 bird noises from memory and nearly 315 from just hearing the sounds off the radio.

"I remember imitating my first bird when I was like 8 or 9 years of age and I think it was a meadowlark in Arlington, Texas and that was the first one I ever tried to imitate," Gordon said.

It was by pure accident that Gordon found out about his gift, he says.

"It was because I had a health problem that it happened. I had what is called Chest Pleurisy where you have a cavity between your ribs and your lungs and after I got home from school every day I was to go out and cut brush," Gordon said.

When Gordon made a swing with the ax, that's when something strange happened.

"I ended up putting my tongue in just the right spot one day and it goes (whistling noise), and it was like where did that come from! I didn't even realize it was me," Gordon said.

It wasn't until Gordon joined the Air Force that he realized he had a hidden talent.

"I tried to imitate a little bit of everything and as I grew up never realizing it was a talent until I went off into the service and all these guys said 'hey, that's neat. That's a real talent,' and they pushed me in talent competitions and I ended up winning them," Gordon said.

Since then Gordon, who worked as jet engine mechanic in the Air Force, traveled the world eight times showcasing his talent and shares it on country music CD's and in films.

But one of his favorite things to do is perform for kids and their favorites are the cougar and the pig.

"When I did it all of the sudden all of them were like 'woah!' they were all in sock and they were like 'wow! Do it again,"' Gordon said.

And that's something that makes the retired veteran feel pretty special.

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