Lufkin man booked into jail for the 47th time

John Burch Sr. (Source: Angelina County Jail)
John Burch Sr. (Source: Angelina County Jail)
John Burch Sr. circa December 1996
John Burch Sr. circa December 1996

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - When Angelina County Sheriff's deputies arrested John Richard Burch Sr. for resisting arrest Wednesday, it was the 47th time the 51-year-old Lufkin man has been arrested in Angelina County.

Burch is still being held in the Angelina County Jail on the resisting arrest, search, or transport charge. His bail has been set at $1,500.

Burch appeared in front of County-Court-at-Law Judge Derek Flournoy for his arraignment hearing Thursday afternoon. He pleaded guilty to the resisting arrest charge.

"Mr. Burch, do you know what you're the center of all this media attention today?" Flournoy asked.

When Burch said he didn't know, Flournoy said, "It's because you've been arrested more than 45 times."

Everyone in the courtroom, including Burch, laughed at Flournoy's response.

Just two days ago, Burch was released on parole for a felony offense in Nacogdoches County. ACSO Capt. Alton Lenderman said it's common for repeat offenders to cycle in and out of jail.

"They get arrested for disorderly or public intoxication, and they go spend the night in  jail, post bond, and then pay a small fine.," Lenderman said.

Jones said some misdemeanor charges like driving while intoxicated, theft, and assault-family violence can be upgraded to felonies after multiple offenses.

"Any of the other offenses like resisting arrest no matter how many times they are arrested they don't ever amount to a felony," Jones said.

Probation supervisor Dustin Fore said the Probation Office looks at the criminal history to determine risk assessment and treatment programs, but ultimately, the change is up to the individual.

"Until they decide to change, they're just going to keep going back to the same thing and getting intoxicated again and again," Fore said.

Although the charge was a Class A misdemeanor, it was also something of a milestone for John Richard Burch Sr. Wednesday's arrest marked Burch's 47th Angelina County arrest. Burch's lengthy arrest record dates about to August 1994, when he was arrested for public intoxication, according to the Angelina County Jail Website. He was arrested four days later for resisting arrest.

"Forty-seven jailings in 19 years is awfully frequent," said County Attorney Ed Jones.

Burch hasn't received probation in Angelina County since 2010, and authorities said until he changes his ways, he'll continue to pay for his crimes.

"In the end they pay for their crimes," Lenderman said. "It may take a while but they never get away with it for free forever."

Since then, Burch has been arrested by the Lufkin Police Department and the ACSO for a wide range of misdemeanor and felony charges including littering, public intoxication, no driver's license, no insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia, assault causing bodily injury-family violence, assaulting a public servant, evading arrest, and driving while intoxicated, according to jail records.

In December 1996, Burch was arrested for disorderly conduct on the 23rd and released from the Angelina County Jail the next day. Later on Dec. 24, 1996, he was arrested for aggravated assault, assault-family violence, and resisting arrest.

On three separate occasions, Burch was arrested three times in one month - June of 1997, May of 2003, and August of 2008.

According to Texas Department of Criminal Justice records, Burch's latest prison stay started in 2010, when he was convicted for DWI-third or more and sentenced to 4 years. TDCJ records indicate he was released on parole on July 13, 2012.

Before that, Burch did a TDCJ prison stint for assault-family violence and two counts of assaulting a public servant. He got 2 years each for the three charges, but he served them concurrently, or at the same time. That prison term started on Aug. 3, 2005.

Burch also served a 7-year concurrent prison term with credit for time served for two DWI charges - one in Angelina County and one in Liberty County, starting in June 1997.

Burch's son, John Richard Burch Jr., has also been in trouble with the law on several occasions. John Burch Jr., 29, of Lufkin, has been arrested for theft, driving with license suspended, accident involving damage to vehicle, and theft between $1,500 and $20,000. His arrest record dates back to June 30, 2003.

John Burch Jr. was originally charged with theft property/grave/human corpse. However, he pleaded to the lesser charge of theft between $1,500 and $20,000 on Nov. 25, 2003.

Below is an account of Burch's history behind bars. Any overlap in prison sentences and new arrests is likely due to records showing Burch getting credit for time served.

7/29/94: Assault family violence and resisting arrest. Released 7/30/94.

8/6/94: Public intoxication. Released 8/7/94.

8/10/94: Resisting arrest. Released 8/24/94.

1/17/95: Public intoxication. Released 1/17/95.

11/26/95: Public intoxication. Released 11/27/95.

9/3/96: Revocation of probation. Released 9/3/96.

12/23/96: Disorderly conduct. Released 12/24/96.

12/24/96: Aggravated assault, assault family violence, resisting arrest. Released 1/2/97.

4/25/97: Public intoxication. Released 4/25/97.

6/15/97: Littering, probation violation. Released 6/16/97.

6/18/97: Began two-year prison sentence for DWI.

6/22/97: Began four-year prison term for assault of public servant.

8/19/97: Began five-year sentence for DWI third or more.

9/9/97: Assault public servant. Released 9/12/97.

4/18/02: Released from prison on parole.

5/4/03: Assault. Released 5/5/03.

5/7/03: Public intoxication. Released 5/7/03.

5/31/03: Public intoxication. Released 5/31/03.

6/1/03: Public intoxication. Released 6/1/03.

8/15/03: Evading arrest, failure to appear, failure to appear, public intoxication, public intoxication. Released 9/22/03.

10/24/03: DWI. Released 10/24/03.

12/9/03: Assault, assault public servant, assault public servant. Released 2/9/04.

3/16/04: Theft. Released 3/16/04.

4/29/04: Judgment/DWI, theft. Released 7/11/04.

2/5/05: Assault. Released 2/5/05.

4/4/05: Display fictitious license plate, no drivers license, no insurance, possession of drug paraphernalia.

4/14/05: Possession of drug paraphernalia. Released 4/14/05.

8/3/05: Began two-year prison terms for assault-family violence.

10/4/05: Judgment assault, judgment attempted assault on public servant, judgment evading arrest. Released 11/14/05.

8/03/07: Released from prison on parole.

12/11/07: Public intoxication. Released 12/11/07.

5/20/08: Public intoxication. Released 5/21/08.

7/26/08: Failure to maintain financial responsibility, no drivers license, public intoxication. Released 7/27/08.

8/1/08: Failure to maintain financial responsibility, no drivers license, possession of drug paraphernalia. Released 8/1/08.

8/5/08: Public intoxication. Released 8/5/08.

8/19/08: Public intoxication. Released 8/19/08.

8/27/08: Public intoxication. Released 8/27/08.

10/17/08: Eight capias warrants, driving with license invalid, failure to maintain financial responsibility, possession of drug paraphernalia.

2/19/09: Public intoxication. Released 2/19/09.

2/21/09: Public intoxication. Released 2/21/09.

6/1/09: DWI third or more. Released 6/17/09.

10/23/09: Public intoxication. Released 10/23/09.

11/29/09: Public intoxication. Released 11/30/09.

5/2/10: Disorderly conduct, public intoxication. Released 5/2/10.

5/2/10: Public intoxication. Released 5/2/10.

6/29/10: Obstruction. Released 6/30/10.

10/3/10: Began four-year prison sentence for DWI third or more.

10/8/10: Public intoxication. 10/8/10.

10/18/10: Judgment/DWI third or more. Released 11/22/10.

6/2/11: Bench warrant/DWI third or more. Released 8/8/11.

7/13/12: Released from prison on parole.

5/22/13: Public intoxication. Released 5/22/13.

7/3/13: Parole warrant. Released 8/6/13.

8/8/13: Resisting arrest. Not yet released.

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