Corrigan is putting in the work

CORRIGAN, TX (KTRE) - When talking about Corrigan and two-a-days, its pretty simple. Head coach Steven Armstrong expects his team to go full speed and play to the whistle.

When you are a small town school, players have to contribute on both sides of the ball. That's the case for the Bulldogs so conditioning is key.

Coach Armstrong said, "We've got to be ready to play four quarters of football. Obviously we are not there yet, I don't think anyone in the state is there yet, but we want to be the first." Cade Moore added, "Coach doesn't want us just standing around doing nothing so you have to yell all the time and keep your blood flowing."

A 6 and 5 campaign in 2012, including a first round exit from the playoffs has the Bulldogs motivated during fall camp. This team fully understands the importance of practice and giving maximum effort.

Quarterback Haden Armstrong said, "We are just trying to push and find out what our limit is and push to that limit and grow together as a team and just start trusting each other in what we need to trust and depending on each other."Running back Raheim Jones added, "We have been pushing ourselves 24-7. We are trying to reach our goals where we are going."

Everyone in East Texas knows what Corrigan's about. They are going to line-up and pound the football. With that said, tomorrow is the big day for coach Armstrong's team.

Steven said, "We are a power running team so out here in no pads, we don't get a lot done when it comes down to it. We are looking forward to tomorrow and putting the pads on. We will know where we are at once we get to start beating on each other a little bit."

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