14 Nacogdoches stores pass tobacco enforcement check

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - All 14 Nacogdoches stores selected for a random tobacco-enforcement check were found to be 100 percent compliant with regulations when it comes to selling to a minor, according to Nacogdoches police.

According to a press release, officers conducted controlled attempts by a minor to purchase tobacco at 14 different stores in the city limits.

"We attempted underage purchases at 14 Nacogdoches stores", said Nacogdoches Police Chief Jim Sevey. "We are pleased to report 100 percent compliance, with none selling tobacco to a minor. These retail establishments were completely compliant with the law, and are to be congratulated and commended."

"We were very surprised," said Lt. Dan Taravella. "We were very impressed and delighted that nobody had to receive a citation."

Store owners like than Buth are happy today after they passed a random tobacco enforcement operation by police last night.

"I don't want to get carded, pay a fine and loose my business," said J.R. Liquor Store owner Than Buth.

Liquor Mart Owner, Parker Riley, was at his store when it happened.
"This boy came up to the counter and before my employee reached for any product, he asked for I.D." said Riley. "The guy said he didn't have one and he asked him to leave and as soon as he left the officer left with him. It doesn't surprise me a bit. I trust my employees. they know what to do. I figure that any time enforcement comes in here we will pass with flying colors."

Riley is not sure of the exact ramifications if he would have failed, and he wants to keep it that way.

"We are not in any hurry to find out at all," said Riley. "We wont be finding out."

The enforcement checks are done to random stores in all areas of towns four times a year. The program is paid for by a grant from the Texas Department of State Health.

Below is a list of the stores which participated in the random checks:

  • Appleby Liquor, 4524 Appleby Sand
  • Rudy's, 3322 Center Highway
  • Rudy's, 5000 East Main
  • Super S Food Mart, 1718 East Main
  • Kwik Pantry, 1516 East Main
  • University Drive Kwik Stop, 1115 South University
  • South Street Liquor, 2004 South Street
  • Ken's Minit Market, 911 West Main
  • LaMichoacana, 1000 North Street
  • Liquor Mart, 1501 North Street
  • M&M Minit Market, 119 Beall Street
  • Lumberjack Liquor, 2705 North Street
  • DoNut Plus, 4512 North Street
  • J.R. Liquor, 1601 North University Drive

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