Virtual machines to arm Diboll High School with cutting edge technology

Gary Martel, Diboll ISD Superintendent
Gary Martel, Diboll ISD Superintendent

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Diboll Independent School District recently received a $50,000 grant from the Kurth Foundation to bring in new virtual machines for its high school.

"The grant that we received from the Kurth Foundation is going to help us place virtual machines that will replace a bunch of older machines currently we use with our virtual servers, and it's just going to really enhance our technology. It's new technology hardware that will replace the hardware we have. We're really excited about it," Gary Martel, the Diboll ISD Superintendent, said.

The virtual machines will arm the district with cutting edge technology that will allow students to store their work on the virtual main frame.

"The virtual server idea is that you don't have individual units at each station. You just have a front faced screen, flat screen monitor and all the information goes out to the virtual server that's in our district. A student, or an administrator, or a teacher can access their drop box, or access their folder anywhere in the district," Martel said.

Like a smart board, which you might see in larger districts, the virtual machines is an interactive learning platform.

"It can be used like a smart board—all of that is new technology and that continues to change and the virtual machines now give districts the ability to use older computers and when they replace them the amount of storage that you have doesn't go away," Martel said.

The virtual machines will help the school prepare their students for the workforce, Martel says.

"It's going to have this type of technology and we want to make sure that our high school students understand the concept and they understand they don't have to put all their work on a jump drive anymore. It might be stored in the cloud, it might be stored in a virtual machine somewhere else and that they can access it from many different points," Martel said.

The district is still waiting to receive the actual check from the Kurth Foundation, but will be placing an order for the machines sometime by the end of this year.

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