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Movie holds East Texas casting call

Its a chance for East Texans to break into the film industry as a casting call for a movie was held in one East Texas city. At the Mineola train depot,  many came out who had no acting experience and had never been to a casting call before.

"Its something I haven't done. I just sit at the house all the time , I'm retired. I figured I'd just try it. Try to be in the movies," says Alba resident Jeff Wright.   

C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson will star in the film described as an action packed creature feature of a town terrorized by the legendary Bigfoot. 

"We're shooting here in Mineola maybe one or two towns on the outside not very far from here," says 'Bigfoot Wars' first assistant director Michael Belardi.  

Sheena Peppler has been an extra , and now works in casting.

"I have a lot of people coming in saying they're just doing it for fun. What's more fun than being in a movie? They get to be part of something big and its a really cool feeling even from my side of it. We're looking for interesting different types of people," she says.

Around 80 perspective extras came out to give it a shot. Veteran movie makers fully understand what the allure is.

"To be discovered and become famous," Peppler says.   

Filmmakers say Mineola was chosen for its homespun small town charm.

"We're looking for people from the town we want the town to feel like this is a good thing for them. Great opportunity for them to shine," Belardi says.   

And for that one in a million, that one chance.

"There's always that one chance," Wright says.

Production on 'Bigfoot Wars' begins Monday in Mineola.

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