Cancer prevention study seeking E. Texas volunteers

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Wednesday afternoon community and health officials from across Lufkin and Nacogdoches came together to kick-off a major cancer prevention effort.

"We want to better treat the cancer that we have but we want to prevent the cancers that haven't even started," said Sid Roberts, Medical Director, Arthur Temple Sr. Cancer Center.

Cancer Prevention Study 3 is a nationwide study through the American Cancer Society that will involve 300,000 participants to help determine what factors lead to cancer and how to prevent cancer.

On a local scale officials are hoping to have 500 volunteers sign up for the study.

"It's information that we can all use and learn and make changes for each one of us in our daily life," said Debbie Jackson, American Cancer Society Volunteer.

Officials say past studies have been able to find links between smoking and lung cancer and also find associations between diet and obesity to other various cancers.

"Many cancers that are more lethal, such as lung cancer are preventable, if people didn't smoke. Well what other factors are there that we don't know of that can help prevent other types of cancer," said Roberts.

Men and women from 30 to 65 with no personal history of cancer are eligible for CPS-3

Dr. Sid Roberts says he's already signed up for the study and says in October volunteers can go to any enrollment site  be measured, have their blood drawn and down the road expect various surveys during the 20 years study.

"Everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer and this is a simple no cost thing that anyone can do," said Roberts.

And officials say the time spent at a doctor's visit and answering a survey can make all the difference for the lives of future generations.

So far nationwide 200,000 people have signed up to volunteer their goal is 300,000.

In October there will be five enrollment dates and sites for the study.

To sign up and schedule an appointment visit call 1-888-644-5888.

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