Teacher Warehouse looking to help first year Angelina Co. teachers

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - School is scary forstudents entering a new environment and it can be just as scary for teachers.

Angelina beautiful cleanis helping first year teachers get some supplies they may need.

Wednesday, severalteachers were at the teacher warehouse browsing for what's available for themto use.

Joanne Wilroy, a first year teacher, says sheis very grateful something like this exist.

"It's amazing to knowthat there is a resource out there that teachers can get things that they needfor their classrooms that they may not get on their own," said Wilroy.

Even though the teachersgot help today Angelina Beautiful Clean is still accepting donations of suppliesand furniture to help those teachers in need.

If you want to help donateyou can contact Amanda Anderson at 936-632-5362.

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