New program at Angelina College taught by man with a long list of credentials

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A Nacogdoches composer often hears his music played on the weatherchannel and in doctor's offices. But that music is just a small part of theamazing career he's had. Now he is using his experience to start a new programat Angelina College.

Jim Taylor is teaching thenew sound technology recording program at Angelina College bringing years ofexperience from outside the class room.

"I've worked with rapartists like Tone Loc, Vanilla Ice, Sir Mix a Lot, all the way to CharlieDaniels, Dirks Bentley, Johnny Lee; if they needed a sound man, I was it," saidTaylor.

His biggest accomplishmentwas working with Willie Nelson.

"It was a little nerveracking, and then having to go up to Willie and ask him to do this was a littleunnerving but he was really nice," said Taylor.

In the classroom, Taylortries to bring all his experience to the assignments.

"We teach themeverything from the ground up," said Taylor. "They learn how to run live sound;they do recording; pretty much everything."

Taylor also shares his tradesecrets with his students.

"I'll tell themeverything I know like how to get a good kick drum sound, and I enjoy doingthat," said Taylor.

When he's not teaching, he'sstill on the road working admitting it will be hard to stop.

"You never retire fromit," said Taylor. "If your job is something that you like, you never work a dayin your life. I just enjoy it. I will never quit."

If you are interested in theprogram there is still time to sign up. Registration for classes is August 28and 29. The classes will start September 3.