Jasper girl gets dream trip to Schlitterbahn thanks to local donations

Alejandra Lenoir
Alejandra Lenoir
Rosa Briz
Rosa Briz

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - A 10-year-old Jasper girl's dream of going to Schlitterbahn's Galveston Island is finally coming true thanks to a generous donation from a local waitress.

Rosa Briz, a 19-year-old waitress at Elijah's Café in Jasper and Kirbyville, had participated in an employee contest in July when she won two tickets to Schlitterbahn after selling the most desserts.

Briz says when she won she could only think of Alejandra Lenoir.

"I heard that she had so many problems, like health problems, and the last thing she wanted to do before school started was to go to Schlitterbahn," Briz said.

Since she was born, Alejandra has had 19 different surgeries and is slowly starting to lose her eyesight.

"The first one was when she was two months. She was born with cataracts so they had to remove the cataracts and at two she developed glaucoma," Claudia Villagrana, Alejandra's mom, said.

And just last year, Alejandra underwent major heart surgery to repair a huge hole in her heart.

"We really don't get to do too much stuff because she can't participate in a lot of activities," Villagrana said.

But one thing she can do is swim. Once word got out about Alejandra, Schlitterbahn decided to donate 24 more tickets and a cabana. Now, the entire family can go.

"I thought it was really neat. It was cool that she did it, but then for everybody to catch on and highlight her, I thought that was neat for her," Robbie Lovett, the owner of Elijah's Café, said.

Elijah's Café also donated one more ticket to Alejandra, and Villagrana says she already knows what she will be excited for the most this weekend.

"Just the look on her face," Villagrana said.

Villagrana said their family doesn't have much money because they are busy paying off medical bills since it is unknown what Alejandra's illness is. She says she is blessed to have the help from the community and can't wait to ride the water slides with her daughter on Saturday.

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