Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 8/15/13

China Hibachi Buffet at 736 S. Timberland Drive: 45 demerits for improper cooling on undrained line, cold and hot hold not at right temperatures, vent hoods needed to be cleaned, floor under equipment needed to be cleaned, all bulk items not labeled, bare wood needed to be painted, food stored on the floor, food not labeled/dated/covered/protected properly, food stored in standing water, trash cans with lids needed in bathrooms, hand wash sinks not available, fly strips needed to be removed, household pesticides stored with food, manual dish wash sink not at right level, handles needed for all ice scoops, ice scoops not stored properly, and leak in walk-in freezer needed to be fixed.

The Pour House at N. 207 Raguet: 26 demerits for improper thawing, cold hold not held below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, food at wrong temperatures, floor under equipment needed to be cleaned, household equipment needed to be removed, self-closer needed on front, chemical test strips needed for dish sink, ice scoop stored improperly, handles needed for all ice scoops, and wooden rolling pin needed to be replaced.

Skyline China Bowls at 409 N. Timberland: 15 demerits hot hold not at right temperature, floor under equipment needed to be cleaned, all food in coolers needed to be labeled and dated, front hand sink needed to be sealed, paper towels and soap needed at hand sink, front door needed to be self-closing, and back door not insect/rodent proof.

Polk's No. 4 Deli at 5750 Ted Trout: 7 demerits for drains needed to be cleaned, area under fryer needed to be cleaned, leak in freezer, vents not cleaned, ice scoops with handles needed, ice dispenser on drink station needed to be cleaned, all employees didn't have food handler certification, and leak at hand sink.

Grandough Bakery & Deli at 1705 Feagin: 0 demerits.

Arely's Cake and Arrangements at 611 S. Chestnut: 0 demerits.