East Texas' state reps reflect on previous legislative session

(Source; Trent Ashby)
(Source; Trent Ashby)
(Source: Trent Ashby)
(Source: Trent Ashby)
(Source: Travis Clardy)
(Source: Travis Clardy)

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It was a long and tough legislative session in Austin for freshman East Texas representatives Trent Ashby and Travis Clardy.

Both men are back home relaxing and taking a look back at their accomplishments. East Texas News caught up with the two men and talked to them about their special bond.

"We had lots of time over the course of one session and three special sessions," Ashby said.

"After that third special session, I was glad to see Austin in my rear view mirror and come back to Nacogdoches where I belong," Clardy said.

After 140 days, plus three special sessions, representatives Clardy and Ashby took a short break. Clardy went on a one-day trip with his wife. Ashby took a fishing trip with his boys.

Both men returned to work in their separate districts, but both bonded in Austin.

"We were desk mates this past session," Ashby said.

Ashby and Clardy hope their bond can better improve East Texas in the political landscape.

"I think it sends a really good signal for the people in the house to see Lufkin and Nacogdoches and all of East Texas working so closely together," Ashby said.

The floor of the Capitol Building was not the only place where Clardy and Ashby were able to form a bond. The two representatives also played as teammates when a group of Texas legislators got a chance to play flag football at Texas A&M's Kyle Field.

"We're not in exactly perfect athletic shape, but Trent hit me for a deep touchdown pass at Texas A&M,"

The game between legislators was fun, but both say their real accomplishments came in legislation that was passed.

"A lot of people are calling this a legacy session for Texas," Ashby said. "We were able to tackle some real challenges for our state."

"With the constitutional amendments, when the people have the chance to vote on the transportation issue and water issue; those are the things that are going to have the lasting effect," Clardy said.

They are already looking forward to the next session in 2015.

Both Ashby and Clardy have scheduled town hall meetings. Ashby doesn't have any dates released yet. Clardy will be having a town hall meeting this coming Monday night at 6 in the County Courthouse annex.

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