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Classified ad for missing patriotic, lady-loving East Texas dog brings big laughs

Smokey (Source: Facebook) Smokey (Source: Facebook)
Tom Trader (Source: Facebook) Tom Trader (Source: Facebook)

Never underestimate what a man will say and do to get his dog back. When Tom Trader of New Boston realized his dog was missing Thursday, he turned to social media to help him find the pup.

Smokey, an Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Healer mix, often trotted off into the East Texas countryside to stretch his legs, but when he did not return for 48 hours, Trader was worried.

"He doesn't come home for 24 hours, I don't worry about it. 48 hours go by and I know there's something wrong, so that's when I posted to get him back," said Trader.

The worried dog owner wrote about Smokey's disappearance on the East Texas Classifieds Facebook page. Dogs go missing everyday, and often their owners post something about trying to find them on Facebook, but it was Trader's loving and comical words about his pup that set his post apart.

"Friends and neighbors. My boy and best friend Smokey is missing. Lost him up there on Boston Avenue around the old jail...I'm not his owner, I'm his life partner," reads Trader's post.

It is immediately clear that this is one loving owner-pet relationship.

Next, Trader explains a few things about Smokey that make him different than just any other dog.

"He can smell the female dog in heat a mile away. First day I was not worried about him. Now, it's been two days and he hasn't called...from jail. I will do anything to get him back. If you found him and think he's a lost dog, he is not. He has a loving home. I'm [sic] take him everywhere with me. If you know me, you know Smokey," proclaims the post.

Trader takes a light-hearted look at a serious situation when he begins to describe Smokey as a patriotic, resilient lady's man.

"If you shot him for trying to mate with your female, or took him off to the dumpster, please let me know. If you're a terrorist and trying to water-board him to get information, Smokey is a patriot and will never speak. If your female dog is holding him as a sex slave, Smokey has a little black book. We can pay regular visits. This is no joke people. I usually don't negotiate with terrorists," says Trader's post.

On a more serious note, Trader adds that Smokey is a one-of-a-kind dog and that he takes medicine everyday. Luckily, around 20-minutes after posting on the classifieds page, he was notified that someone had found his prized pup. Friday morning he was on his way to pick Smokey up.

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