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Court documents reveal details in Tyler park shooting investigation

Ke’Avier Jarrod Wilson-Hurd (Source: Tyler Police) Ke’Avier Jarrod Wilson-Hurd (Source: Tyler Police)
Rakheem Goldstein (Source: Tyler Police) Rakheem Goldstein (Source: Tyler Police)
Dennis Bendy (Source: Tyler Police) Dennis Bendy (Source: Tyler Police)

Court documents reveal more information about what authorities believe happened during the park shooting that killed a Tyler mother.

Arrest affidavits have been obtained by for Ke'Avier Jarron Wilson-Hurd, Dennis Montrell Bendy, and Rakheem Lamone Goldstein. The three men are charged with the murder of Briana Young, a young Tyler woman, on July 30.

According to police, 20-year-old Briana Raquel Young of Tyler was killed when she and her three-year-old son were caught in crossfire in Tyler's P.T. Cole Park when shots were fired. Investigators were told that gunfire broke out within the park and also came from a vehicle on Mockingbird Street near the park.

"Goldstein and Bendy were in the vehicle on Mockingbird that was firing into the park. Then, Wilson-Hurd was in the park at the time firing," says Tyler Police Officer Don Martin.

Police believe that Goldstein and Bendy went to the park to locate a rival gang member, Wilson-Hurd, and shoot him. 

According to the affidavit, Bendy and Goldstein borrowed a friend's car about an hour and a half before the shooting. Both were wearing white shorts and white shirts, which matches a witness's description of the shooter's clothing.  

Witnesses say that Wilson-Hurd and a friend drove to the park in a white Cadillac and parked on Mockingbird Lane. Wilson-Hurd, a member of the street gang "Five Deuce Hoover Crips," walked up to the gazebo, pulled a pistol out of his pocket and asked if there were any "6-0" there ("6-0" refers to a rival criminal street gang, the "Rolling 60's"). 

At that point, a white car that had been circling the park pulled up next to the Cadillac. The driver stepped out of the car and began shooting. Witnesses say Wilson-Hurd returned fire. Investigators later found two piles of 9mm casings, one near a red picnic table in the park, the other on the pavement of Mockingbird Lane. 

Witnesses say that Briana Young was running near the gunfire in an attempt to protect her son when she collapsed in the playground on top of her child after being shot in the chest, about 60 feet away from the picnic table.

After the shooting, Goldstein told a friend that they had to take care of some business and that dead bodies were involved. Goldstein also said that his gun jammed but that Bendy was at the scene and he was shooting. 

Bendy said that he was in South Tyler with his cell phone at his apartment on Old Bullard Road at the time of the murder. However, his cell phone records show that his phone was in central Tyler, near P.T. Cole Park.

Young was pronounced dead at the scene. Her child was not harmed.

Two days after the shooting, while police were interviewing Young's child, the child told investigators "KJ [Wilson-Hurd] shot [my mother] and didn't say I'm sorry."

Police say there were approximately 30 people in the park when the shooting occurred.

Court documents reveal that after the shooting, a Tyler woman approached her probation officer with text messages about who was involved in the shooting. A conversation between that woman the one of the suspect's alleged girlfriend goes as follows:

M: ...there was just a shooting in the west

T: ...ohh lord where's [Goldstein]

M: He had to leave Tyler because he was involved. I'm in the hood, laws everywhere, and the girl's body is just laying on the ground

T: Are you serious?? She's dead? Who shot her?

M: It's a long a** story. They shot her in the head though she died with her baby in her arms.

According to police the victim, Briana Young was shot in the chest.

This exclusive video from the night of the shooting shows police arresting Wilson-Hurd six blocks from the park. The rear window of the car he was driving had been shot out. Hours after the shooting, Wilson-Hurd was taken to jail for giving false information to police. He bonded out hours later. Wilson-Hurd was in court Friday, now charged with murder. A judge appointed an attorney to Wilson-Hurd on Friday afternoon.

Police arrested Wilson-Hurd Thursday night when someone spotted him standing in a Tyler roadway waving a gun. Authorities say they were already preparing to arrest him for murder, when they were notified he'd been booked into jail on another charge.

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