Lufkin woman brings passion for reading to front yard

One woman's passion for reading is spilling over into her front yard with a unique box filled with free books for kids. At 6, the retired teacher tells Leigha Hughes she wants to give every child the opportunity to have a book they love.

One Lufkin man's mission to prove a convicted murders innocence is creating extra work for county officials. He has made more 20,000 open records requests all in connection to one case. At 6, Francesca Washington explains how county officials are coping with the extra paperwork.

An Angelina County justice of the peace is having to work double duty after he fired his clerk who he says was falsifying information. Caleb Beames has that story at 10.

There's some debate over whether keeping autistic children on gluten-free diets actually works. However, Michelle Reed reports at 10 that several families say it works.

A well-known Lufkin man is thankful he caught two different types of cancer in time over the past few years. Coach Guy Davis is an advocate for annual check ups and says without them he may not be where he is today. At 10, Maegan Prejean explains how Angelina College's athletic director was able to still work each day while battling cancer.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor