Angelina Co. JP speaks out after firing clerk

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - An Angelina County Justice of the Peace has to play double duty after he recently fired his clerk who he says was falsifying information on paperwork.

"You never want to see someone lose a job," said Justice of the Peace Bradley Stringer. "You never want to make that decision, but ultimately as it is in any position, you have to make a decision."

The firing of Chief Clerk Pat Grubbs came after a month long investigation where stringer found that Grubbs had been falsely entering his name into the database on pending court cases.

"A gentleman had a public intoxication and at that point and time came in and talked to the clerk and at the point she dismissed it with jail time credit served.">

The East Texas News tried to contact Grubbs, but we were not able to reach her.

County Attorney Ed Jones gave the East Texas News a copy of an employment page everyone with the county signs, where it states, "either the employer or employee can sever the employment relationship at any time without notice, for any legal reason, or no reason at all."

Stringer defends his move pointing to 10 instances of fraud he has found during his own audit.

For the last month, Stringer has doubled as the clerk since he can only afford a temp worker until October due to paying accumulated comp time for Grubbs.

"There's been a back log," said Stringer. "I have had to do quite a bit of things to make everything happen, but like anything else it is part of it."

A new clerk will be hired once the budget is cleared up.

There was an investigation into this case by the Angelina County Sheriff's Office. Lt. Pete Maskunas said the sheriff's department found no criminal intent and handed it back as an administrative matter.

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