Diboll will open up playbook in second scrimmage

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Plain, vanilla, and run oriented describes Diboll's offensive approach against Rusk in its first scrimmage last week. That will be hardly be the case tomorrow night though when the Jacks take on Cleveland.

Head coach Shane Adair says he plans to open up the playbook a little bit to see how his team responds. Diboll is a young squad, especially on the offensive line, but has some skill players than can make plays with the ball in their hand. The Jacks can operate out of either the shotgun or under center, but expect it to be mostly spread plays tomorrow night.

Running back Cielance Bailey says, "It's real exciting you know see the passing game open up a little bit, see those guys get the opportunity they deserve. You know they work on the routes all day everyday and come out and work hard, so it will be good to see those guys get the ball and open the running lanes for us." Adair added, "We are going to throw it a little bit more tomorrow night. We are going to have to use our short passing game as part of our running game to open up the middle so hopefully we will get some of that accomplished tomorrow night."

The scrimmage is in Cleveland.

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