Nacogdoches' Liberty Bell is wine bar, pub, and live music venue

There's a new business in downtown Nacogdoches. It is designed to fulfill a dream of not only its owners, but also its patrons.

"The Liberty Bell" is a wine bar, pub, and venue for live music under one roof. Grant and Kati Harris always felt downtown Nacogdoches needed a unique place to gather from mi- morning until morning the next day.

"SFA students have 20 places that they can go and congregate and most of the adults don't feel comfortable in those places so it opens up another venue for people to enjoy company," said Grant Harris, the business' co-owner.

That place is now the Liberty Bell on the bricks of Main Street.

The place is described as friendly and warm, with an environment for conversation or celebration. That's accomplished in an intimate setting dating back to the 1880's.

"There's not much there from what we can find but we know it was the Montgomery Ward in the 20's and 30's," said co-owner Kati Harris.

A topic to break to the ice where domestic and international wines, craft beers, and a cocktail, if you like, are paired with sizeable entrees and tapas.

"They're kinda like appetizer plates, but they come in portions that you can split," Kati Harris said. "We want people to be able to come in and share their food, share their wine, and share conversation."

Starting in September, the conversation will turn to listening when a concert series gets underway.

"We're really venturing outside of Texas for some of our artists," Grant Harris said.

The Harrises expected to wait until retirement years to open a place like the Liberty Bell. A third partner from Austin is helping the couple make a go at it sooner.

"And it does take a huge risk, but I think that's part of what makes our society great is people are willing to take risks to be successful," Grant Harris said.

It's a liberty the Harrises take seriously. Sharing the Liberty Bell with others makes the business dream come true.

Tickets to the Liberty Bell concert series are already being purchased by patrons from Tyler and even Shreveport. You can catch the line up and menu at the Liberty Bell Website.You can also visit the wine bar's Facebook page.

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