New campaign will award clean emissions driver with new hybrid car

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Every time you hit the road exhaust emissions pollute our Texas air, and the Texas Department of Transportation says they want to change that.

This year's Drive Clean Across Texas Campaign will only last until September 15, but Texas Dot is urging drivers to log onto the Drive Clean Across Texas website to learn more about gas saving tips.

"There are things that people can do, that we can do as drivers to kind of alleviate the problems. Everything from maintaining your vehicle, driving less, driving the speed limit. Things like that just to kind of protect the environment," Kathi White, the spokesperson for Texas Dot, said.

The campaign says keeping correct pressure in your tires can help keep the air clean and save about $85 a year in gas. Avoiding parking too long at a fast food or bank drive-thru can also help and traveling light. Texas Dot says carrying 50 to 100 pounds in the trunk of your car makes your engine work harder.

Those that enter into the contest through the website have the chance to win a Hybrid Ford Fusion. The winner will be announced at the Cowboys Stadium on Sunday, October 6.

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