East Texas' state reps. show their support for religious liberty

State Rep. Trent Ashby
State Rep. Trent Ashby

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The legislativesession might be over, but that doesn't mean the work has stopped.

State RepresentativeTrent Ashby has stayed busy signing a petition known as the amicus brief touphold religious liberty.

The petition sideswith parents who filed a lawsuit after their child was told he or she wasn'tallowed to bring gifts with religious sayings to a school's Christmas party.

The brief is a waythat Ashby and other representatives will be able to voice their opinion to thecourts.

"I feel verystrongly that we should do whatever we can do to protect the rights of allTexans in terms of their expressions of religious liberties," Ashby said.

Ashby was not theonly representative from East Texas to sign the document. Nacogdoches State RepresentativeTravis Clardy also felt strongly enough about the issue to give his signatureas well.

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