Some East Texans pull double duty when it comes to public safety

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Rushing into a fire orinto a dangerous situation takes a special person. Doing both takes a whole lotmore.

"It does take aspecial person, because you have to be trained over and over again and go outand do it," said full time Trinity police officer and volunteer firefighterLarry Barak.

"Both of them arevery dangerous jobs, but you have to put your heart into and do what you aretrained to do," said full time Crockett Police officer and volunteerfirefighter Detric Murray.

When Murray isn't suitingup as a volunteer with the Crockett Fire Department he's patrolling the streetswith his friend Michael McKay, both full time police officers and part timefire fighters.

"I like that feeling,"said McKay."You get both sides of the spectrum."

It's not just police thatvolunteer with fire departments. It also goes the other way as well.

"We've been here along time and work well with the sheriff's department," said Hayne Huffman.

Brothers Wayne and HayneHuffman run the Trinity Fire Department, but are also deputies with TrinityCounty.

Having training in bothareas is a plus for small communities.

"The training that weget carries over into both departments," said Hayne Huffman.

"When I'm on duty withthe police department, I will be the first responder there," said Murray. Iwill do a scene size up. We know what types of resources we need and by doingthat it could save a matter of minutes."

"The training I havepicked up here (at the Crockett Fire Department), I can apply to the field whenI'm out there."

The training has made abond between departments.

"If they call us orwe call them, we are going to be working as a team for one goal and that is theprotection of our citizens," said Crockett Police Chief David Cross

Crockett Fire Chief John Angerstein says thathe hopes having personnel trained and working with multiple departments issomething that will become more common because it could help with resources inemergency situations.

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