Nichols discusses 'big 3' at chamber luncheon

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - State Sen. Robert Nichols calls education, transportation and water the big three.

The senator provided a legislative update on all three topics before the Nacogdoches Chamber luncheon. This comes after 210 days at the state capitol for numerous sessions.

Nichols encouraged listeners to vote "yes" for an upcoming constitutional amendment to provide $2 billion for state water plan projects.

"It could be used for new water reservoirs, like Lake Columbia, to be seed corn for those kinds of things," Nichols said. "It could be used for conservation projects for cities so we don't waste as much water, so if you quit wasting that's the same as getting new. Recycling water. So I would encourage you when you go to the polls this November to vote for the water amendment."

Nichols also cited increased exemptions for small business and a measure to increase

Transportation funding as accomplishments he ushered through the legislative process.

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