Central school bus radio station is now powered by the sun

POLLOK, TX (KTRE) - Driving past the Central school district in Pollok you have probably noticed the large green school bus outside. Equipment for a Christian based radio station sits inside the school bus for the community to enjoy. The low wattage FM station is now powered completely by the sun.

The sounds coming from the green school bus are played on the low wattage FM station 101.1 but this isn't your typical radio station. All of the equipment is being powered completely by the largest object in the solar system.

"Right now, the whole bus is powered by the sun completely. That's kind of a play on words because it's also powered by the sun spiritually," Jon Sprinkle said. "The solar panels are producing electricity; 240 volts."

Jon Sprinkle has been keeping up with the maintenance on the bus for the past three years.

"The FCC let us move it to this spot and then one of the maintenance guys at the school staff donated this bus for a studio," Sprinkle said.

Sprinkle said this is all a gift for the Central school district.

"It's for the staff and the ones that are serving the kids," Sprinkle said. "There's good things happening here at the school and the people are working very hard for the kids. Their hearts are in it; they really do everything they can."

The Lufkin man's three children and grandchild graduated from Central, and he's pleased to have six more grandchildren walk the same halls and have the chance to listen to the school's personal radio station.

"I would classify it as high-quality Jesus freak music," Sprinkle said. "It's worshiping goodness and beauty."

Although it is a low wattage station, Sprinkle said sometimes others in the community can locate the frequency.

Sprinkle said this religion station was not his idea.

"It's definitely God's idea," Sprinkle said.

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