Lufkin ISD Superintendent welcomes students and teachers to new school year

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - East Texas students were back in theclassroom Monday. It wasn't just the first day of school for students.

It was also the first dayof school for LaTonya Goffney as Lufkin ISD Superintendent.

She's determined to builda team of excellent leaders who will prepare students for success in life.

"We've been preparingfor this day," said Lufkin Middle School Principal Jesus Gomez. "It's a greatfeeling."

"I'm not going to beyour traditional superintendent," said Goffney. "I would rather be out with theadministrators in the district and see the kids."

While visiting the schoolof around 1,800 students, one thing stuck out in Goffney's mind.

"The kids were wellbehaved," said Goffney. "Not only were they well behaved, they were engaged inclass."

The amazement did not stopwith the students. Goffney was also impressed with the educators.

"They tend to preparethe room and atmosphere and not what's going to be taught, but that wasn't thecase here," said Goffney.

Goffney comes to thedistrict from Coldspring ISD and follows Roy Knight. Administrators say thetransition has been smooth.

"I've been here 17years and it has been a smooth transition," said Gomez. "Dr. Goffney's come inand her focus is to get us from good to great and she has a lot of those samequalities that our other superintendents had."

Today was great and Goffneyhopes the next 176 school days will be the same.

Before her visit to themiddle school, Goffney spent time with all the new student-teachers in thedistrict.

She is hoping that in the coming weeks shewill be able to get by every school.

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