Decision time for former day care owner

Nearly a year after a nine-month-old baby fell off a changing table at a Hudson day care, the former owner is on trial for not reporting the accident to a doctor or her parents in time. Caleb Beames was at the trial Wednesday as several key witnesses took the stand, including a co-defendant in the case. He'll tell you about today's happenings at 6.

A Nacogdoches man who spent many years making sure Lake Naconiche became a reality has died following a long battle with brain cancer. Donna McCollum has the story at 6.

A new year means a new group of college freshmen. But one thing is the same this year: the dreaded nightmare that is the "freshman 15." But as Michelle Reed shows us at 5, there is something you can give your college students that will help give them an advantage.

For the past nine years, a Lufkin woman has lived without knowing she was chronically ill. Jennifer Ball was diagnosed with a genetic disorder which has changed her life following 12 blood transfusions and numerous emergency surgeries. In this week's installment of "Survivors," Maegan Prejean explains how she's using her obstacles to help others overcome their own.

Jeff Awtrey

Assignments editor