East Texans explain influence of ‘I Have a Dream’ speech 50 years later

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Wednesday our nationremembered the dream of a man whose vision of equality helped to change thecourse of history.

"A speech that strong still resonates 50years later," said Bob Brown, Mayor, City of Lufkin.

On this day in 1963, Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. made his historic "I Have a Dream" speech during theMarch on Washington.

A moment that many sayoffered the nation a blueprint on how improve our country.

"It's not just aboutblack and white it's not just about the problems that existed in the 50's andearly 60's it's about how we can come to a common knowledge of who we are asAmericans," said Valencia Edner, Literature Instructor.

In his urging for thenation to live out the true meaning of its creed, Dr. King illustrated howprogress begins with the individual.

"Legislation canchange laws but only people can change hearts," said Edner.

Community leaders say Dr. King's speech 50 yearsago was laced with principles and goals we strive to strive to reach everyday."

"The goal out thereis still to look at the content of someone's character and not the color of hisskin that remains our goal," said Daniel Rankin, History Instructor.

And the man who refused tobelieve the bank of justice is bankrupt instilled a spirit of hope in the Americanpeople.

"We've come prettyfar as a society but we still have things to overcome, things to work on but hehas paved the way for us to move forward," said Robert Shankle, CouncilmanWard 2

But leaders say the struggle isn't over, andeven though the speech is being celebrated today, it's message should beconstant a reminder on how to treat others.

"If we can ever getto the point where we look at each other for who we are and who God created usto be then we will be able to get past our difference and really be the countrywe say we are," said Edner.

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